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A luxury shellfish; ideal for connoisseurs. Tastes slightly different to lobster, the meat in the tail is ideal for thinly slicing for fine salads.


Our crawfish are mainly caught by the local netting fleet when they are working deep waters off the Isles of Scilly during the summer and autumn months. Crawfish are "rested" in our sea tanks for at least 24 hours before despatch. We only buy crawfish from the South Western Approaches. Normally the smaller the crawfish the higher the price per kilo.

Crawfish are freshly cooked to order within our factory. Seasonal supply and demand affect price dramatically so our price list can alter. Please note all items are sold as approximate and pre-cooked weight, some cook loss will occur. Subject to seasonal/weather availability. Only strong crawfish will be despatched live; upon receipt they should be cooked immediately, stored at 0-5 °C and eaten within 3 days. If you are ordering a cooked crawfish please consume within 2 days of delivery, unless freezing (please follow freezer manufacturers guidelines).  3 sizes are available.