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With their long gangly legs and spiky bodies, spider crabs are markedly different to the edible brown crab.  The catching season is different too; catches drop off in late July and pick up again in early spring.  Once sold only in the continent, spider crab is now gaining popularity in the UK. To really appreciate a good whole spider crab you need to take a bit of time out: French "lunch" style!


Male Spider crabs are very much like the male brown crab in that they have longer legs and bigger claws than the female spider crab.  We don't offer you female spider crabs as the yield is very poor, we don't buy them, we won't process them, we don't want to disappoint you!

We normally have live male spider crabs in stock. If you are ordering live crabs, please cook on the day of delivery and eat within 3 days. If you are ordering cooked crabs these should be consumed within 2 days and stored at 0-5 °C, Spider crabs are adversely affected by freezing.  If you choose to freeze please follow your freezer manufacturers instructions. Male Spider crabs are freshly cooked to order within our factory. Only strong Spider Crabs will be despatched live; upon receipt they should be cooked immediately. Weather, tides, seasonality and catch numbers can affect availability during August to February. Please note all items are sold as approximate and pre-cooked weight, some cook loss will occur.  2 sizes are available.


Handpicked from the "Cornish King Crab", this slightly sweet, moist and subtle meat is a great alternative to the normal white meat.

We first handpicked Spider crab meat just over 10 years ago. No artificial additives or preservatives; just a little natural rock salt is added in cooking. All handpicked and pasteurised to give a 28 day refrigerator shelf life.  Once opened the product must be consumed within 2 days; but we don't think you will take that long! Both options are stock items and are available year round.