Our team is proud and respectful of our heritage, honest and true – to our customers, our suppliers and our people.

Trading since 1955, and run by third and fourth generation family members. Shellfish is a key part of our business; we are prime suppliers of hand-picked crab meat from Cornwall. We sell crab meat and shellfish products to many other merchants, shops, caterers, hotels, in the UK and beyond.

We directly employ on full time & part time contracts all the amazing people that work in our business because we believe that zero hours means zero motivation and zero job satisfaction. Our team is an essential part of our business, why don’t you join us!

Our Current Career Opportunities

W. Harvey & Sons Crab Meat Pickers & Shellfish Processors

W. Harvey & Sons Shellfish Processor & Retail Assistant

W. Harvey & Sons Driver and Shellfish Processor


“Relationships with companies such as W. Harvey & Sons are vital for our students in order to understand provenance, where products come from, and what it takes for products to get to us. It makes them better. Working on the recipes has helped build confidence and given them a real sense of achievement.”